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Hi Evereyone,

It has been almost one year when i thought to start one of my blog – . The purpose behind starting this blog is nothing but to connect the people, specially social media active people, with the topics currently trending on the internet and social media. Last year i started seeing a change in the social media about the their interactive changes helping people to connect and simplifying their life by using short url’s or custom web addresses. The most exciting thing which i like about the twitter at that time was the use of Hashtag ‘#’ which allows users to make a comment or status about  a particular topic or to get into the conversation’s by just putting a hashtag sing before that particular word. Isn’t it amazing.

I thought : it’s just fabulous, fantastic, its a new trend.
Later on this concept was also used by Google+ and Facebook.

So i thought to create a blog which helps the internet users to choose a trending hashtag and start a conversation. There i bought a domain name  (Where Adda means spot) And i have done, manually, as far as i can do. But unfortunately as i am not a programmer i couldn’t manage to do as i was thinking to do so.

So i blog about a particular trend and add hashtag’s for the visitors so that they can view it and comment it on in social media websites.
I am trying to be more accurate in my mission and i am sure this can be the next big thing for me and everyone out there on the internet at real time.!

Thank you guys #KeepBlogging & #KeepTrending

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