15th October 2013

I am on Flickr

Assalaam u alaikum to Everyone.

I am so excited about this… I am on Flickr.!
I have a passion of Photography and as time passed by i indulge into, necessary, things which i have to do it anyway. And this cause me loss in my Interest in Photography.
As i was setting one day bored and log on to facebook and find that i should change my Fb cover pic. so i search on Google Images and was just selecting which one to keep. i finally found a pic which was uploaded by a guy (a Flickr user). Then i explore the Site and i found pretty interesting things so i registered on it and uploaded some pics which i have clicked (and i have also marked my copyright on it, with the help of Picasa). I found the site was easy to customize and sharing is so fast so i shared some pics on my social networks, got some awesome comments. i think i should continue my passion for photography & as i get time i will regularly post my pic’s on My Flickr.

My Flickr Profile – sknomanahmed

Thank you.


Shaikh Noman Ahmed

Blogger by Choice, Teacher by Profession. Loves Blogging, Social Media and Internet. Founder and Blogger at Trend Adda (www.trendadda.com) Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Telegram @sknomanahmed

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