5th January 2015

Aamir Khan – A patriot person or not.?

Somebody sent it to Aamir. Thought it was worth passing on. Please pass on too if it rings true to you.

“When Aamir Khan did Mangal Panday and fought the 1st war of Independence he was hailed as a patriot.

When he did Lagaan as Bhuvan and defeated the British he was hailed as a patriot.

When he did Sarfarosh and ACP Rathod fought against Pakistani terrorism and ISI, then he was a patriot.

When he did Rang De Basanti as DJ and awakened the youth he was hailed a patriot.

When he did Taare Zameen Par and inspired the children of India, he was hailed as a patriot.

When he did 3 idiots and taught the lesson of believing in ourselves, he was hailed as a patriot.

Now, when he does PK and talks about unifying people across religions, and speaks against the frauds who are using religion to make money and spread hatred, then suddenly he becomes a ‘musalmaan’ and a ‘desh drohi’ ?!!! Beware, those raising a voice against PK are the people who have turned religion into a money making racket, and are dividing people through religion. Ak you are PK and the ENTIRE COUNTRY is with you! Jai hind!.”

Thank you.


Shaikh Noman Ahmed

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