Muslim Reservation Silent Rally

Muslim Reservation Silent Rally.
On 6 January 2017, 2 pm at Aamkhas Ground, Aurangabad. (at Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

#Selfie #Muslim #Reservation #Agitation #Aurangabad (at Aurangabad City)

A very successful Muslim Reservation Silent Rally at Aamkhas Ground, Aurangabad.
Congratulations to all the organizers, supporters & everyone who have been a part of this issue. Jazaak Allah khair.
#Muslim #Reservation #Rally #Aurangabad #2017 (at Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

Video : Uploaded by Aurangabad Buzz.

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  1. Dear no need of this bull shit leaders we r all common yaar we will make this happen Jay hind Jay maharashtra and last but not least I thanks Allah

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