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Hi Everybody.

I am Shaikh Noman Ahmed and the sole blogger of this blog. You can log onto this blog www.sknomanahmed.com or simply enter noman.blog in your internet browser. You’ll automatically redirected to this blog.

I am from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

I am a Blogger, Founder of  Trend Adda and a Teacher by Profession. Loves Blogging, Social Media and Internet. I have completed D.T.Ed (Diploma in Teacher Education), B.C.S (Bachelor in Computer Science) and B.Ed (Bachelor Degree in Education).

I like to learn new things about blogging. I also like to keep up with the latest trends trending on the blogging, social media and internet. I also like to share stuffs related to Blogging, Education, Teaching, Social Media and anything related Internet which can be helpful in our lives in anyway.

Me, Computer & Internet :

It all started when i was a teenager. A Computer addicted boy who like to use his desktop everyday and install new softwares and games on it. I was very much curious about the new and creative ideas in the field of Computer & IT and which has helped me in ease of my work, efficiently. Now what can be more exciting for a 90’s kid.

Internet has been one of the revolution for many youngsters like me. I think the time when i started blogging was very much suitable, I got my own computer at home where i can experiment anything. My friends and family supported me. I used to learn going almost everyday to the internet cafes and all this made me who i am today. Thank you everybody.

So how it all started :

I remember the very first HTML lecture i had at school. My Computer Teacher once showed me how with the help of some HTML Tags you can add colored texts, images which moves onto your screen with some graphical presentations in the browser. It was amazing. My interest level just reached to a new level, i was deeply motivated and decided to have my own online presence or a website in the future then after some years, after my 12th, i started searching for my dream (Yes, i mean googled) and luckily i got to know we can have our own website and that’s too for FREE.!

So i googled more and found some sites. All i need was an email address and to fill some details and click on that REGISTER BUTTON… That’s it.!

I have registered on many free hosting sites and this has really helped me a lot to understand about the World Wide Web. The more i searched on the internet the more i get to know about ‘How To Create’ Free Websites. Then one day i (September 2008) found Blogger.com. All i know at that time is that it is own by a search giant Google and requires a Gmail ID. So i decided to give a try.

My Blogging Journey :

I found posting a blog post is very interesting and unique way of sharing the things which you like, dislike and the things which people want to know about you. Blogger.com has became my daily routine, it’s was a online dairy to me and a very important part of my life. I used to connect my mobile phone to the computer and connect the internet via GPRS (2G Speed Data). The speed of the internet connection was slow and also the viewers of my blog were very few. To get more visitors and followers to my blog i use to share it on orkut with my friends (and the only Social Network i know at that time) Because it was my dream & it worth more than any other thing in the world exists at that time.

After 6 months, April 2009, I found WordPress.com which has a lot of features than blogger. I signed up and created a blog under my name but i hardly post on my wordpress blog. Since then i have created many blogs of different types and categories on both the platforms and also deleted them later because i found it difficult to update the blog and sometimes can’t able to post with more valuable content on that particular niche anymore and sometimes after too hard work i was not receiving any response on my blogs. So, i have been disappointed and i thought that i failed to keep up my dream alive. But all this was just beginning i slowly and gradually i was actually understanding and learning about the blogging platform. So, i move forward and try to search other bloggers, their niches and also their success stories. And Yes, It really helped me a lot. So NEVER GIVE UP.!

In the 2012 i registered a domain name and hosted a WordPress blog from an Indian Hosting Company and started working seriously on the content and sharing them on the social networks. The response was good but i think the domain name i registered was not catchy and also not easy to remember for my visitors. So i drop the idea and registered (www.trendadda.com) in January 2013. Also i decided to register a domain name under my name (sknomanahmed.com) in September 2013 (Yes, Right after 5 years from the time i first registered my personal blog on Blogger) and decided to blog regularly on the topics which i care for and are related to me and my profession in anyway. So that it can help other readers of my blog and also bloggers like me.

So, Here i am and i am always there for you guys. (Click here to know more about me.)

I am also planning to giveaway some Blogging tips and tutorials and will help newbie bloggers and intermediate bloggers to achieve success in Blogging. So please subscribe this blog for upcoming news and events.

Please subscribe my blog & follow this blog (If you’re already signed in as WordPress user). You can find me on FacebookTwitter, Telegram and Instagram –@sknomanahmed

Thank you.

Shaikh Noman Ahmed.


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