99 Names of Allah with Meanings in English

99 NAMES OF ALLAH Ar Rehman(The Beneficent) Al-Akhir(The Last) Al-Azim(The Great One) Al ‘Afuw(The Pardoner) Al-‘Aleem(The All Knowing) Al-Awwal(The First) Al-‘Aliyyo(The Most High) Al ‘Aziz(The Mighty) Al Ahad(The One) Al-Baaqi(The Everlasting) Al-Basit(The Expander) Al-Baatin(The Hidden) Al-Baa’is(The Resurrector) Al-Bari(The Evolver) Al-Barro(Source of all Goodness) Al-Baseer(The All Seeing) Al-Fattaho(The Opener) Al-Ghaffar(The Forgiver) Al-Ghafur(The All Forgiving) Al-Ghani(Self Sufficient) […]

Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to Allah

Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to Allah NAFS: Three types of Nafs. Nafs -e- Ammara, Nafs -e- Lawama , Nafs-e-Mutmayenna. Nafs-e-Ammara: It is very dirty, worst, and sinful. As such always try to provocate for doing sinful work. It does not repent after doing sin. It is uncultured, shameless and immodest. Nafs-e-Lawama: It […]

Thank you Allah

Assalaam u alaikum.Hi Friends.Just want to share this with you all and want to thank specially my friends for being with me, strongly.Allah alone is to be worship & there is no one except him who knows us, better than ourselves.He alone helps us all.We have to obey him & believe him. Because he knows […]

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