What comes to your mind when you read or hear the word champion.? An muscular and handsome fighter, boxer or a wrestler who have won many titles & championships in his career. Who is always ready to go one on one with his opponents, one or many at a time, making them sweat & loosing … [Read more…]

Important Help, Contacts and Details

0. Railway authorities have introduced a system where one can complain from a running train.The SMS about complaint will be acknowledged & attended.Give the train no, bogie no,precise nature of  complaints like -no water in bath room/no lights/fan not working/security problem etc through sms.It is an effective tool.The railway complaint sms no: is 8121281212.Please pass … [Read more…]

What is Beauty?

What is Beauty? We ( humans ) need makeup, and extra help to feel andlook beautiful, but look at the mountains, the rivers, the clouds, thestars, the moon… even the soft wind breezing trough the trees…that is beauty,and imagine the eternal beauty created by the Almighty ALLAH.SubhanAllah.


Eid-e-MiladThis Post is all about what we do and what actually we have to do! Din aaj Mubarak samjhe hum ya kahe isey manaai,Muhabbat samjhe isey hum ya fir kahe nadani,Nuks nikaley hum to kisme,ya phir hai yeh Khismo key liye Nuks Milai,Agar hai kuch nahi to phir islam me itni Ikhtelafat hai kyu chai. … [Read more…]