Its Sunday

Ya., its Sunday. I & my freinds have got a gr8 plan for today – A visit to Daulatabad. As this destination is near to my city & it’s also a picnic spot for some.I don’t remember, when was the last sunday i have gone for a ride or on a holiday with my friends. […]

Dream time

Everyone has dreams. Then life happens.And when those dreams are crushed they often feel stressed, depressed or betrayed. Peopleoften stop doing what they did in college –sports, at home & with friends – An inspiration for others. They say ‘I’mmarried or i have a job and family now’.Really? Because of that U willmurder ur dreams?A […]

How to check Cross-Browser compatibility of your Website?

For all you webmaster who have had nightmares thinking about how their website is looking in all the different browsers out there, now you can relax. Instead of installing multiple browses on your computer, there is a web based tool available which will show you thumbnail of your webpage on pretty much any browser you […]

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