Eid-e-MiladThis Post is all about what we do and what actually we have to do! Din aaj Mubarak samjhe hum ya kahe isey manaai,Muhabbat samjhe isey hum ya fir kahe nadani,Nuks nikaley hum to kisme,ya phir hai yeh Khismo key liye Nuks Milai,Agar hai kuch nahi to phir islam me itni Ikhtelafat hai kyu chai. … [Read more…]

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Wish all Indian’s a Very Happy Raksha Bandhan.A wonderful quote on this wonderful occasion.A Man Said : ‎”Destiny made u my Sister, hearts made us friends.”very true. Bye T.c

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It’s Friendship Day.

A Beautiful Day for all those who think’s that there is someone or a few who knew him, loves him, entertains him when he is sad, make him dance when he/she is in Joy or in Happiness, Scold him when he/she does something wrong and loves him Without any Reason throughout the Life. Really Friendship … [Read more…]