Porn ban in India

Porn Ban in India. The Government of India has banned 857 porn websites. This news spread as fire on the internet 3 weeks ago. After the ban many people express their view on the ban on the positive side while for some the orders where totally unacceptable. The Ministry of Communications and Information and Technology, in […]

Happy Independence Day

Happy 69th Independence Day to all. Whenever we talk about Independence the very first, or only, thing that comes to our mind is FREEDOM. This really means a lot to us. It’s the state of living in fresh air were everyone is in light, in equality and has his/her rights to live in FREE INDIA. But we […]

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passes away

Today, Is a great loss to India. Bharat Ratna and Ex-President of India – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passes away. A great person and an inspiration for many people. For the poeple who don’t know who, what kind of a person he is and what are his achievements. Here is a below a small introduction […]

Time waits for nobody

Hi Everyone, After really a hectic time, almost 50 days, i am back to post on my blog to say something what really matters to me. And this is something which i am very much conscious about…It’s the Time. Time is something which goes on… and once gone never comes back. I realized it when […]

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